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NeighborWorks®  of Pueblo assisted nearly 350 individuals facing a possible foreclosure on their homes. The second Stone Soup House project was completed and sold to a single mother. An additional multi-family property was purchased on the 1100 block of Pine Street and was totally renovated and has since been rented out. A single-family home was purchased on Mesa Avenue and has been remodeled. It is currently on the market to be purchased.


NeighborWorks®  of Pueblo completed its first Street of Dreams Model Block Project on the 1100 block of Cedar Street. The mural project was completed on the office building for the organization and the capital campaign to pay for the project was a success.


In April, 2007 NeighborWorks®  of Pueblo received Pueblo City Council approval to utilize $500,000 in HOME Funds to the Bessemer targeted neighborhood through the Bessemer Housing Rehab Project.  The targeted neighborhoods are from Northern Avenue to Abriendo Avenue and Lake Avenue to School Street. 


NeighborWorks®  of Pueblo transitioned into Pueblo's Bessemer neighborhood.  To identify and respond to the needs of the community, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo hosted a series of town meetings whereby residents identified the top three needs as general neighborhood clean-up, economic development, and safety.  In response, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo has employed a comprehensive revitalization program, which includes the rehabilitation of older homes, introduction of newer homes, and a community-wide clean-up effort to revitalize this older and very distinct neighborhood. 


NeighborWorks® of Pueblo widened its scope of programs to include Hyde Park, one of Pueblo’s poorest neighborhoods.  Based on identified neighborhood needs and resident desires, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo has stirred together a unique blend of services in this area.  Thus far,  NeighborWorks® of Pueblo has constructed 23 homes in Hyde Park, conducted revitalization programs including our annual Operation Clean-Up and Paintbrush Campaigns, and has spearheaded the razing of two sub-standard properties on 18th Street.  In addition, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo has completed the infrastructure for our 79 single-family mixed-income subdivision and continues working with local builders to produce quality, affordable homes.


NeighborWorks® of Pueblo implemented an Affordable Housing Program to increase home ownership opportunities in the City of Pueblo for low to moderate-income families.  The cornerstone of the Affordable Housing Program is NeighborWorks® of Pueblo’s Full-Cycle Lending Program that enables lenders, government agencies, and NeighborWorks® of Pueblo to work together to provide home ownership opportunities to families who may not qualify for a conventional mortgage or know how to obtain a mortgage.  Components of the program include orientation, home-buying counseling, resolving credit issues, assistance with down payment and closing costs, home inspection, and post-purchase counseling. 


NeighborWorks® of Pueblo moved to the Northside/Downtown neighborhood.  This was once a vibrant neighborhood.  When many of the established residents left the neighborhood, it created an environment for absentee landlords.  In this neighborhood, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo rehabilitated 583 buildings, inspected 255 homes, painted 150 homes in Operation Paintbrush, and painted 14 murals over property littered with graffiti. 


NeighborWorks® of Pueblo expanded its operations to the Eastside neighborhood.  NeighborWorks® of Pueblo began its owner built program.  Modeled after the barn raisings that once brought communities together, the owner-built program brought together neighbors to help each other build homes in this tough economic time.  Additionally, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo helped construct a playground at Parkview Elementary School, rehabilitated 138 buildings, revitalized 17 store fronts, inspected 533 homes, and organized the Eastside Neighborhood Association, a collection of concerned business owners and residents. 


NeighborWorks® of Pueblo's  programs began in the Minnequa Heights neighborhood of Pueblo.  NeighborWorks® of Pueblo's dedicated team of staff and volunteers rehabilitated 91 buildings, inspected another 218 homes, and provided for the training of more than 40 young people in housing rehabilitation.  In short, NeighborWorks® of Pueblo worked hand in hand with the residents to stem the tide of this declining neighborhood and helped them create a revitalized and self-reliant community.



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